Geolink Wine is a Humboldt County based independent wine distributor of hand crafted wines. We select and purchase wine directly from the wineries and import them using vehicles powered by renewable fuel. We also use an electric vehicle for local deliveries. The largest producers we source from produce about 10,000 cases a year, with most of them producing 2,000-4,000 cases a year. Hand crafted wines differ from factory wines in many ways. Low production allows the winemaker and assistants to focus on each step of the process and guide the fruit along its journey. The result is quality wines that may cost more than mass produced factory wines but better reflect natural conditions such as: soil types, climate, fruit & varietal characteristics. Every year has its unique climatic variations that present challenges and rewards to the producer. Since all of our producers value sustainable vineyard management practices and minimal processing in the winery, each vintage will be expressed differently. The winemakers we work with all say they are simply there to guide the process and allow for the true expression of the fruit and vintage. This differs from factory wines where the vast majority of them are manipulated with a wide variety of unknown additives to give the product a consistent flavor profile from vintage to vintage. Attributes of hand crafted wines include: hand tended vineyards with little to no herbicide or pesticide use, hand sorted fruit, small lot fermentation, cooperage selection, minimal application of sulfites and other additives, and custom blending methodology.